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Mama's Bakery and Allergy Friendly Options

So it has been way too long but I have been a little busy since the last time I blogged. I am now in my own space at the restaurant. Danilo recognized that I was always moving stuff from one spot to another and having to wait until after the morning prep to use the ovens. We have a fairly big kitchen but still not enough space to bake. So in January, we began the process of converting a garage that was mostly used for storage and junk into a kitchen that will greatly alleviate stress for me and for my daughter when trying to get things done. We completed the kitchen in April and we are now steady working Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday from 9:30 –until we finish and some days that is pretty late.

Everything has its place and the equipment is much newer. We actually are able to schedule cooking times that work for us. So the big question – are we retail and open to sell to the public? And the answer is, we are operating primarily to supply desserts to the restaurant at this moment but with a day or two notices we can fill the needs of our customers. My daughter and I are looking into making a few items available daily and making posts on social media just to test the waters. I think it would be fun but we don’t want to be overwhelmed since this was not our goal.

We will continue to make cheesecakes as we have been but we are trying our hand at some traditional Italian desserts now that we have space to experiment. It has been a lot of fun so far.

We have also become more aware of our customers’ dietary needs and we would like to inform our guests that we would be happy to make available desserts as well as entrees that are Italian but can be adjusted to meet their needs. For example, we were approached by a lady about making a gluten free/dairy free dessert option, as she had never been able to get a dessert after her meal because no one offered anything to meet those criteria. So with the help of our local goat farm, Grateful Hill Farms, we came up with a blueberry jalapeno cheesecake. It is now something that gluten and dairy intolerant customers can enjoy and anyone else that might want to give it a try!

We are so excited that we are committed to offering dishes that satisfy the dietary needs and desires off our community! We look forward to serving you and hearing your thoughts and suggestions!

Ci Vediamo presto!


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