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Mondays with Mama - Adding Seasonal Spice

One of my favorite things to do during the different seasons is to add the unique flavors of fall, winter, spring, and summer to various dishes. We have prepared both desserts and entrees to accentuate items found fresh at this particular time of year. Pumpkin is one of the items we used this past fall in desserts and pasta. Anthony experimented with a batch of pumpkin fettuccine and the whole restaurant loved it! Using fresh flavors like pumpkin definitely captures the feeling and taste of fall.

During this Christmas season, we are offering two seasonal cheesecake flavors: Peppermint White Chocolate and Eggnog. We would love to hear if there is a recipe you’d like us to try or a new cheesecake you’d like to see on the menu!

I hope you enjoy the sights and smells of each season and take advantage of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs when available. It’s a great way to bring variety to your regular routine!

Ci vediamo presto,


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