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Mondays for Mama have gotten busy, to say the least…

As the holidays approach, orders for food and desserts are rapidly coming in! We continue to ensure everything is on hand for regular evening service, while staying prepared for this busy season. It can be tricky - balancing every aspect of owning, managing and cooking at the restaurant while saving time for friends and family. I am thankful for the blessing of working alongside my family members, including my husband, son and daughter, who make it easier for me to stay on track. I know the holidays are busy for everyone, so here are my tips for organizing this holiday season:

  • Plan ahead.

  • Make lists.

  • Get others involved.

  • Make it fun!

  • Make it purposeful!

  • Give yourself some downtime - even if it’s just a short nap on Sunday. We all need to refuel.

  • Put on some music to help you focus and make the time special.

  • Think of the people you are serving and keep them close at heart!

Blessings to all during this special season of giving and for the time shared with family and friends!

Ci vediamo presto,


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