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Mondays with Mama

Working in a restaurant doesn’t afford you much downtime, especially when it is a family restaurant and you are the owner/manager. We have always taken a vacation around the fourth of July, as this time of year is when many people are out of town and also on vacation.

Today is mine and Danilo’s 29th anniversary and we just returned from our annual vacation yesterday. We enjoy this time exploring new places with our children (who are now adults). This used to be about finding a place that was kid friendly so that they would enjoy this time but as they have become adults we realized that we all look forward to experiencing good food when we travel. We do plan activities other than eating but we definitely enjoy the moment we sit down to a good meal. I often wonder if we are the only ones that look forward to this part of our trip but we have shared this with many friends and family that also plan trips around places they would like to experience local cuisine.

The funny thing you find is your kids now like the things you like. Instead of hamburgers and pizza and chicken nuggets , they now are ordering steak and sushi and every meal you are enjoying as well. In fact, our kids watch food shows and follow chefs on Instagram and are making their own lists of restaurants they would like to experience.

We are so glad they continue to want to share vacation time with their parents but we also realize the day is coming that they will have their own families and want to experience this with them. But for now, we are so grateful and find great joy in these experiences.

Ci vediamo dopo,


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