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Family Dinner

I don’t know what your family dinners are like, but for me family dinners are the best! Family dinners aren’t just family, they are friends, neighbors, and sometimes even strangers. But this means many things: Repeat stories especially about the family, new stories, and stories we remember but forgot most of it. We learn about people we never met or never will meet. We share our desires, our politics, our spiritual thoughts and general information we think everyone should know. We gossip and we listen and always there is more than one story going on at a time. Sometimes it can be quite confusing and loud!

I think this is where the family grows. Those in the family that sometimes feel left out are all of a sudden thrown in the middle because they are asked one question that leads to a microscopic dissection of their life and then they wish they were invisible again. Friends, neighbors and even strangers get an opportunity to join in and now we are all family.

Of course I am leaving out a very important part of the meal and that is of course> the food. We all enjoy food and we want to know if you like it and we want to try everything. We love when it is a meal that everyone participates in and contributes to. This is always a special part of the gathering. Of course, if you ask my kids and if it is a special occasion, it must include all the traditional cuisine or the meal or the occasion is not complete.

Eating is a very important part of our day and our lives and we hope each of you has incorporated a family meal that brings you close to those you love.

Ci vediamo doppo!

Ciao tutti!


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